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          About Us

          Top > About Us > Basic Information Security Policy

          As a leading human resource service provider, PERSOL Holdings and its group companies (hereinafter “PERSOLKELLY”) subscribe to corporate principles of: creating jobs, adding value to the individual and, contributing to society. PERSOLKELLY aims to be a corporate entity that supports every person to fulfill their dreams and find happiness through work.
          To protect customers’ and its own information assets from various threats, PERSOLKELLY has set in place structures to ensure requisite information security. Corporations have  a social responsibility to provide stable services without interruption. To achieve this end, PERSOLKELLY established and, adheres to this Basic Policy.

          1. Development of information security framework

          PERSOLKELLY shall appoint an information management officer in each of its organizations to ensure the protection and appropriate management of all of its information assets and, establish the a framework to enable the prompt implementation of information security measures.

          2. Information security training

          PERSOLKELLY shall implement requisite information security training for all employees in accordance with employee positions and roles and, promote increased awareness of information security and make all aware of the various rules and, this Basic Policy.

          3. Protection of information assets

          PERSOLKELLY shall implement risk assessment and controls to ensure that all of its important information assets are protected from various threats and, shall periodically review risks and where necessary, improve said controls.

          4. Addressing information security incidents

          PERSOLKELLY shall promptly take appropriate action when information security incidents occur and also, shall take appropriate measures to prevent any reoccurrence.

          5. Compliance with relevant laws and regulations

          PERSOLKELLY shall comply with all laws, requirements, regulations, rules and contractual obligations in relation to information security. Conduct that breaches the above shall be dealt with appropriately.

          6. Revision and improvement

          PERSOLKELLY shall implement periodical internal audits and, shall review the results in order to ensure that management of information assets is appropriate. Further, PERSOLKELLY shall consider changes of internal and external factors that may affect information security and, shall make continual improvements to its information security management systems.

          PERSOL Holdings Co., Ltd.
          President: Masamichi Mizuta
          Enacted: 1 May 2014

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